Sonoma County’s Most Unique Catering


Chef Rick Rozet

Savory Truffle Catering, a full service Sonoma county catering company in Sebastopol, specializes in weddings, bar mitzvahs, cocktail parties, and specialty dinners.  

Chef Rick Rozet has more than 25 years of catering, restaurant, and culinary expertise, ranging from stints with Bay Area luminaries like Carlo Middione and Gary Danko. He spent three years training in Paris, France under Claude Deligne, and Georges Outhier.

He was the chef/owner of Truffles restaurant in Sebastopol, California and has been the chef/owner of Savory Truffle Catering for the last 15 years.

Rick has traveled and lived extensively throughout the world and speaks several languages fluently. He brings his culinary richness to all of his preparations and his garden in Sebastopol provides  ingredients for his dishes. Cooking is truly his art and passion.