cocktail hors d'oeuvre party


Casual elegance expressed through the luxurious sophistication of the French and the simple purity of California

  • Tarts of white and trumpet mushrooms with Delice de Bourgogne
  • Prawns marinated in cognac broiled over a scallop quenelle
  • Fresh figs garnished with Blue Castello and a toasted walnutglasses-20
  • Roasted sweet peppers with sheep milk cheeseĀ  and English thyme oil
  • Braised duck tarts glazed with port wine
  • Chilled butternut squash soup with creme fraiche and salmon caviar
  • Roulade of grilled eggplant, prosciutto, roasted red pepper, French feta and Nicoise olives
  • Baguette toasts with fresh crab, tarragon, and shallots
  • Brochettes of sea scallops and baby heirloom tomatoes sauce pistou
  • Belgian Endive with fresh trout, shallots and Italian parsley
  • Toasts with Spanish anchovies, Bulgarian feta and local tomatoes


Unfolding seamlessly in a spectacular spectrum of flavors, treat yourself to this truly exceptional tasting

  • Medjool Dates stuffed with a toasted almond wrapped in bacon
  • Tuscan pizza breads with garlic, parmesan, and walnuts
  • Indian Sweet potato samosas with a tamarind chutney
  • Thai Lemongrass chicken turnovers
  • Vietnamese fresh rice rolls with spicy mint sauce

Cocktail party zanzabar (1 of 1)

  • Thai Prawn skewers with hot pepper lemon and coriander
  • Crispy Chinese pork spring rolls with a ginger and Chinese black beans
  • Ahi tuna tartare Korean style on a marinated cucumber
  • Kahlua pulled pork tacos with mango salsa and Mexican cream
  • Individual caramelized apple tart
  • Bittersweet chocolate souffles

We recommend 5 different appetizers per hour and 10-12 hors d’oeuvres (including desserts) is an equivalent of dinner.