What makes us special?

We have a selection of truly amazing dishes which have consistently received rave reviews from so many past clients and 15 years of experience customizing event styles which really connect people to their environs. We grow some of our vegetables in our garden; some food comes from local organic sources and some from commercial purveyors.  Your priorities matter.  We believe in selecting food as close to the source as possible.

We will be happy to meet with you to help you plan your event.  Please call or use the Contact Form to set up a meeting.

Do you do rentals?

Yes, and we have worked with several different rental providers .  We can help you locate all necessary items to ensure the success of your event.  We charge a 15% surcharge on all rentals if under our name (covers breakage and handling), however, if you wish to handle them yourselves, we will be happy to assist you.

Rentals can be delivered the day before and picked up the day after without a surcharge.   There is a pickup and delivery charge varying by the distance.

Do you do wedding coordination?

We will assist you in detailed planning of your event however it is critical to have a point person (not yourselves) with whom we can interface on the day of the event.  We can assist you in locating someone or work with a well organized friend(s) or family member(s)

How do we handle gratuity?

We include a 20% service charge (on the food cost) which includes both administrative costs and gratuity

Can you assist me in finding related catering services?

Yes we can.  We can help recommend photographers, musicians, florists, wedding cake makers, and wedding coordinators.  We will work as well with anyone of your choosing or work with you in choosing them. 


We recommend that you provide all alcoholic beverages, which we can serve for you.

Here are some general rules of thumb regarding alcohol consumption:

  • People who drink beer, drink red wine.
  • Champagne cuts across all strata
  • White wine drinkers are in a class by themselves .
  • A signature cocktail is fun and 80% will drink it (depending). 
  • There are 5 glasses to a bottle of wine,  
  • People consume 60/40 red wine to white.
  • Estimate the number of drinks per person over the entire evening (say 4 per person).  For 100 people say, that is 400 drinks.
  • A keg is 120 pints (maybe a little less with foam and tapping). 
  • Wine unopened can be drunk at home, so there is no loss.


Service personnel can be used for staffing the bar.  A signature cocktail can be made in advance and poured with ice.  The bar can stay open as long as you wish.  You will need a licensed bartender if you provide a fully hosted bar.

Corkage and Cake Cutting

We do not impose a corkage or cake cutting fee, however, we will be happy to provide these services 


Staff attire is dark pants/ white button down shirt and green aprons. Feeding the non-catering staff is charged as a guest.