Wine and Food Pairings

Working in the wine country my food pairs provocatively with many of the classic wines of the region, showing off the characteristics of both modalities, distinctly and together.  I’ve apprenticed in several celebrated Parisian restaurants and worked with the likes of Gary Danko and Ralph Tingle, here in Sonoma county.  The sophistication and simplicity of this cuisine is the secret to great wine and food pairings.
Fresh corn and brie cakes with glazed prawns
  • (chardonnay slightly-oaked  and malolactic)
  • Mediteranean strudel with herb couli
    (Slightly grassy, medium acidity Sauvignon blanc)
  • Hanger strip steak marinated in black grapes, shallots, and aged balsamic vinegar
    (Medium bodied, slightly fruity Pinot noir from Russian river area)
  • Assortment of local and european bleu cheeses with black pepper crackers and  a roasted fig and star anise jam
    (Balanced full bodied cabernet and low-tannin and good fruit)
  • Individual Granny Smith caramelized apple tarts with white chocolate mousse
    (Late harvest Riesling, not too sweet with good acidity)